SEA&SEA 0.66X Optical Viewfinder (#46109)
SEA&SEA 0.66X Optical Viewfinder

Standard viewfinder that provides good visibility for the entire field of view. *The reflected image appears in the four corners of the viewfinder.

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SEA&SEA 0.5X Optical Viewfinder (#46108)
SEA&SEA 0.5X Optical Viewfinder

Reduces vignetting in the viewfinder’s image. Recommended for wide-angle photography or other situations when it is essential to check the overall composition of the picture. Depending on the situation, the viewfinder can be replaced with a standard pick-up viewfinder. *The … Continued

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SEA&SEA 0.8X Optical Viewfinder (#46104)
SEA&SEA 0.8X Optical Viewfinder

We recommend this viewfinder for near-sighted users and for photographers who want to make sure the focus is clear in the center of the image during macro photography. You can interchange this viewfinder with the standard pickup viewfinder to best … Continued

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